Five (Almost) Mudrooms We Love

Struggling with finding storage space in your home? Consider adding a cubby/shelving unit in an otherwise empty hallway! Here’s a couple of almost mudrooms we love. Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

Working in a small hallway? Keep it narrow! This mudroom shelving doesn’t extend into the hallway, yet provides a fair amount of space for storage. (source:



Don’t have a long hallway to work with? Consider creating a cornered shelving unit in your mudroom or laundry room. This space will provide the extra storage you need, yet won’t appear bulky or overwhelming. We particularly love this creative mudroom space, because it’s dedicated to extra storage space for the family AND the pet. (source:


Do you live in a home without children, but still love the aesthetic and functional attributes a mudroom can offer? Consider placing a large furniture piece in your hallway with amble storage area. You can repaint or stain wood to match your home design. We particularly like this simple vintage piece. (image source:

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Here’s another great example of a large (almost) mudroom taking up very little hallway space. This recessed shelving and cubby unit provides an amble amount of storage for the family, while it doesn’t detract from the hallway space. (image source:


Don’t have room in your home for a proper mudroom? Section off a space in your garage for a mudroom. It will help you create more organizational space in your home. We love this mudroom. The suspended wooden crate shelving gives the space a vintage look and the bench aesthetically ties the design together. (image source:


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