Choosing the Right Color for Your Dining Room

Whether you’re looking to update the color of your dining room, or you’ve just finished a remodel, choosing the perfect palette for your dining room can be a fun and simple task. Color plays an important role in setting the mood for a room. The color you end up choosing should reflect how you want to room to feel. If you often entertain guests, you may want your dining room color to be a warm and energetic. Or, if you want a more traditional dining room color, you may want to choose an olive green or darker beige. But before you settle on a color palette, you may want to take these factors into account.


Dining Room Design

Before choosing an accent color, you’ll need think about the design and layout of your space and how the color might affect it. Use the dining room’s architectural features to help guide you towards choosing the right color. Consider the design of any doorway arches, heavy timber beams, or coffered ceilings. A room’s color should emphasize these features, not detract from them.


Dining Room Furniture

Does your dining room furniture complement your color or colors of choice? If not, you may want to reconsider. You don’t want your dining room furniture to clash against the room’s color. If you’re purchasing new furniture for the room, make sure you choose a dining room set before deciding on the color. This will help pick which color will work best with the space.


Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold

Contemporary dining rooms often use bold colors as a center piece for the room. Consider choosing a dark red or even a burnt orange. Warm colors can really liven up your space. Dimly lit dining rooms often look best with dynamic colors. If you have a open dining room with a lot of natural lighting, you may want to choose a more subtle color. Before deciding on a bold color, make sure you test it out on a wall in the room.


  • NCCBlog

    Posted on Jun 18, 2015 at 16:35 pm

    I really like your tip to consider your dining room furniture. I think having bold walls is a great idea, but I'd always like to keep the focus on the furniture pieces. I believe it's possible to do both, so I'll be exploring my different options. Do you think color needs to complement furniture style too?

    • NCCBlog

      Posted on Jul 21, 2015 at 17:37 pm

      Creating a natural feel in your home is definitely a complicated process. We think finding paint and furniture that work together is part of that process.

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