Choosing the Right Backsplash for Your Kitchen

A kitchen backsplash not only functions as a great decorative piece, but can make kitchen messes easier to clean up, protecting your wall from damaging grease splatters and food particles. A backsplash can also give small kitchens an illusion of space, with its reflective surface adding more depth and dimension. Choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen will ultimately add personality to your space.



Choosing the right color for your backsplash can make your kitchen space more aesthetically pleasing. You may want to choose a solid colored backsplash that subtly blends into your kitchen’s design. Or you may want to choose a mosaic, as a stable piece for your kitchen. Either way, when choosing the color of your kitchen backsplash make sure you consider the other design elements of your kitchen, like your kitchen’s flooring, cabinets, and counter top material.



When determining the best backsplash design for your kitchen, you’ll most likely be choosing from a variety of backsplash materials and patterns made from glass, ceramic, stone, metal, and wood. You can help narrow down what material and color will look best in your kitchen by considering your kitchen’s design. For example, if you have a contemporary kitchen, you may want to choose a metallic material for your backsplash. If your kitchen uses mostly stainless steal appliances, you may want to consider an eye-catching mosaic pattern made from natural stone tiles.


Form Over Function

Remember when deciding on which backsplash will work best with your kitchen, make sure you have an adequate amount of outlets and lighting before installing a backsplash. When blending outlets or light switches into a backsplash design, make sure they run parallel to the pattern. Your outlet or light switch covers should also compliment the backsplash design elements. You may want to consider placing outlets on or within cabinets, so not to disrupt the design. Or, you may want to strategically place outlets on the counter top.

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