How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Living Room

Lighting provides us with the essential, subtle element that ties together the ambiance of a room. It can be used to accent an art piece or emphasize a fundamental design component. Choosing the right lighting for your living room will help accentuate key aspects and tie together the overall atmosphere. We’ve put together a quick list of different types of lighting you may want to install in your living room. When choosing lighting, consider what you’ll be using the space for. This will help you decide on the right lighting to compliment your design and room function.


Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting with a dimming function can provide your living room with main lighting, while still retaining its ambiance elements. This type of light is generally installed into a hollow aperture in the ceiling. Recessed lighting can create multiple points of a localized light source, making the room appear fully lit when needed. When recessed lighting becomes dimmed, it can function as an accent to the room’s design elements. This type of lighting source is a popular choice for most living rooms.


Track Lighting

Track lighting, much like recessed lighting, can be used to accent certain design aspects of your room. However, it should not be used as your main lighting source, as track lighting provides a more fixed spotlight or light source. The purpose or function of track lighting is to create depth in your living room by concentrating lighting on certain areas. If you have a series of art pieces you plan on displaying or hope to create a wall-washing effect, you’ll want to consider installing track lighting in your living room.



Large or small lamps not only can compliment the room design, but can be used as a concentrated source of lighting. Most people enjoying using a concentrated light source for reading or studying. A lamp also allows the room to function in two aspects: a place where someone can watch a movie in the darkness, while someone else can read underneath a bright light source. You may also consider installing wall lamps if space appears limited.

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