West Side Garage

We are starting work on a new garage for a West side client. The existing garage on their property was a very old small stucco garage. It was somewhat unique in that it didn’t have a concrete floor either…just dirt. It really wasn’t much of a structure and needed replacement. This garage shares a driveway easement with the neighbors where there is a similar garage…but in better condition.

We removed the garage, hauled in granular fill material, compacted everything, and are now set up for the concrete pour. Since the new garage is not attached to the house we are using a structural concrete floor for the garage. This floor consists of a thickened concrete perimeter footing reinforced with steel bars. We also run steel reinforcing across both directions of the floor, creating a very strong foundation for the new garage. We will lay a row of concrete blocks on the floor at the perimeter for the walls to sit on.