West Side Addition

A few weeks ago we finished up our West Side addition project. I think it turned out great….and the homeowners agree. The exterior of the addition ties in so well with the rest of the house that it is hard to tell where it starts. The new Marvin double-hung windows look great with the light gray exterior finish. We moved the small existing gable end window from the end of the existing wall to the new wall which continued the look of the home. Our siding blends in well with the exisiting wood lap siding.

Inside, we milled poplar trim to match existing profiles. The interior trim is painted to match the rest of the trim in the home. The floor of our addition stepped down 18″ from the kitchen floor, so the ceilings in the main level room are about 10′ high. This creates a nice, airey, bright rear entry for everyone to use.

Upstairs the bedroom has a fir floor to match the existing home floors. We used a couple of double doors at the closet which gives excellent access.

This was  a fun project to work on!