We slowly lifted the floor joists back into position on the older East side home that we are working on. The floor joists had cracked and sagged over the years which resulted in quite a slope to the upstairs room. We went slowly with the lift so that we didn’t damage the walls and floors.

Now we are busy installing proper structural supports in the living room. The architects specified microlam beams in several locations. But in two locations they specified microlam beams with a steel flitch plate sandwiched between the microlam layers. We constructed this in the shop by drilling holes in the steel plate and bolting the steel plate between the two microlam members. We countersund the bolts so that they will not interfer with the finish trim to be applied to the beams. It is a bit of a job lifting these beams in place, but they will surely take the load once the jacks are removed. At the perimeter of the room we have fastened a microlam ledger to support the new beams. At set locations we also fasten the ledger beam to the existing wall framing using steel angles and through bolts, making everything work together.