We are helping out a client with a structural ceiling problem. For many years the owners had dealt with a sagging floor upstairs. At one time they had drywall installed in the living room ceiling using furring strips to level the ceiling. The most recent problem started when a pipe in their living room ceiling started leaking. The plumbers cut open the ceiling to repair the pipe. Once that mess was started the owners decided they should address the sagging second floor joists once and for all.

The first order of business was to remove the existing ceiling finish material and expose the structure above. When that was done we discovered 2×6 joists. Some of the joists had been severely notched by long ago plumbers. Another joist was cracked and had a splice patch nailed alongside of it. Because of the framing, plumbing, existing finishes, etc we will be installing a series of support beams under the joists. But first we are slowly jacking the joists up to try and remove some of the floor sag.