Seven Family-Oriented Home Safety Improvements

As families grow, sometimes our living spaces need to grow as well. Whether you’re considering a full-scale remodel or looking to upgrade your home around your young/aging family members, we put together this great list of family-oriented home safety improvements you can make to your existing house. Not only will these improvements increase your home’s safety factor, but they’re likely to add value to your home as well. Did you find any of these safety improvement suggestions useful? Don’t forget to comment below!

  • Increase Lighting – Walk around and identify areas with poor lighting. Younger and older family members are more likely to injure themselves in dimly lit areas of the home due to decreased visibility. Consider installing adjustable ceiling mounted or recessed fixtures. Then you’ll be able to control the level of light in a room, without sacrificing ambiance for bright lighting.
  • Remove Angular Corners – Try to remove any bulky or angular corners from your home. Consider updating your kitchen island or purchasing new furniture. This includes heavy cabinetry with protruding elements. Should one of your family members accidentally slip and fall, they’ll be far less likely to suffer a “sharp corner” injury.
  • Avoid Slippery Floors – Avoid using floor materials known to be slick. Try to install easy to clean, slip-resistant flooring. Eliminate current slippery floors by using large rugs to cover the floor surface. To avoid someone tripping on the rug, purchase a rug large enough that the carpeted areas extend to the wall’s edges.
  • Large Entrances and Doorways – Increase the size of your entrances or doorways. Renovating out-dated exterior entrances or interior doorways can be expensive. However, remodeling your exterior front door entrance can also add a significant amount of value to your home. Should you choose to improve any entrances during a family-oriented remodel, we recommend extending the width of the door, so bulky items (i.e. strollers, wheelchairs, etc.) can easily pass through the doorframe.
  • Safe Staircases – Younger and older family members are more likely to have accidents on a staircase. Eliminate this accident potential by installing safety handrails. If you have a steep stairwell in your home, you may consider installing a stairwell landing or extending the length of the staircase.
  • Accessible Storage Areas – You’ll want all of your storage areas highly accessible for all family members. Add an extra storage space underneath your staircase. Add an easy access pantry in your kitchen. Avoid placing heavy items on high shelving or in hard to reach storage areas.
  • Easy Access Shower/Bathtub – Lastly, eliminate the bathroom slip and fall factor by installing a family-friendly step-in shower, or a kid-friendly bathtub. Also, consider using single-handled faucets around your home. This reduces the risk of young or older family members scalding themselves on hot water.

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