Rural remodeling project

Last week was a real wipe out for our rural remodeling project. Between the snow and power outages we didn’t get a lot done. But this week is starting off to a great beginning. The workers have re-framed all the openings on the dining room in preparation for new windows. We are installing Andersen window units on this home. Most of the dining room openings have been changed to accommodate larger windows that will look over the lovely landscape. We found some areas of deterioration on the home, but the carpenters are making the necessary repairs. Part of the work involves building new parapet walls around the dining room as the owners will use the flat roof on the dining room as an outdoor deck area.

This 1970′s house is what I consider ‘modern cubism’. It has flat roofs at multiple levels. We will be replacing all the roofing materials, adding significant amounts of roof insulation, and rebuilding all the parapets. Some windows and siding are being replaced as well.