Remodeling…concealed damage

This week we started a home remodeling project for a client. Our first task was to remove an undersized structural header beam, lift the house slightly to remove the sag, and install a new stronger beam. That work went fairly well. Our next task was to remove wall coverings in preparation for some new windows. When we opened up the wall we found that there was some signifcant moisture damage to the wall. In looking at it I think it may be related to two things: a roof flashing leak and a leaky dryer vent. The dryer vent passes through this small chase and I suspect condensation was being trapped in the chase area. But with the upper portion of the walls as wet as they are I’m also guessing the roof flashing may be involved in the issue. We will have to thoroughly investigate and correct the problems.

It is interesting that there was no real evidence of water damage on the surface of the wall. It is hard to tell how long the moisture had been getting into the wall cavity, but I know that the homeowner will appreciate our repairs. Concealed damage, and how it will be handled, is always something to be aware of when contracting for renovation work.