Our workers made significant progress this past week at our lake cabin remodeling project in the Carlton County area. With more good weather they were able to install much of the red metal roof. The roofing panels are 16″ wide and have what is called ‘standing seams’ on them. The roof panel seams project about an inch above the roof surface and when closed together properly create a nearly watertight seam. The panels themselves are attached to the roof with clips. With a high temperature roof membrane under the steel panels, this is a very durable, long lasting roof system. In areas that receive a lot of snow, like this area of Minnesota, metal roofs are especially good as snow tends to slide off the roof and not build up on the roof. We are installing the new metal roof over all areas of the cottage roof…existing and new.

The windows have all been installed and look great. We used Marvin windows with integral clad brickmold at the exterior perimeter. The windows are finished in ‘wineberry’ color which matches the roof. These new windows, with their energy saving glass coating are a huge improvement over the old single glazed wood sash windows in the cottage. Marvin provides custom sizes so I was able to carefully measure existing log openings and get new windows to fit perfectly.

The siding on the new portions of the cabin is mainly fiber-cement sheet panels with 1×3 battens on 12 inch centers. I like the owners choice of this siding. The main parts of the cottage that were retained have true log walls. Instead of trying to mimic the look of logs the owners decided to use a simple contrasting siding pattern. The fiber-cement panels and battens create the look of old board and batten siding that was popular in many areas. We have not installed the water table trim board at the base of the siding, but when that goes on and the siding is painted it should tie into the existing cottage very nicely.