100_4003 Our carpenters have been busy framing the family room100_4009 we are building. They have installed the floor joists, erected the walls and have moved on to the roof framing. As with most of our projects, the roof is constructed using wood trusses manufactured by a truss manufacturer. This creates a strong roof and the roof structure goes up quickly.

100_3992 One of the items that was changed recently in the Minnesota Building Code deals with higher insulation values at the rim joists. The new requirement is R-10. On larger home projects we accomplish this by spraying foam insulation onto the rim joist. On a small project like this it is cost prohibitive to use spray foam. Instead we manufacture our own insulated rim joist using 2” expanded foam sheets. We sandwich the foam between two layers of structural rim joist material. Insulating rim joists to R-10 really helps keep the floors warmer in a home. On this addition we have insulated rims sitting on top of insulated concrete foundation walls, creating a very tight, warm structure.