We have just about finished our work on our East side renovation project. The new windows and the patio door have been installed and look very nice. We used some Marvin units which match the existing windows on the house well.  We retained the existing windows in the sunroom. The new electric service has been installed as well. This is one of those things that most homeowners do not like to deal with as the are costly and don’t ‘show’ at all. The existing service in the house was a 60 amp panel that had been added on to a couple of times. As part of our work we added central air conditioning to the house. The 220 volt load for the new AC unit simply would not work with the existing electric panel. So we upgraded it to a 200 amp service. That provides plenty of fresh circuits for the home.

One of the final things we have to do for the new patio project is install a low seat wall around the perimeter. We are using tumbled concrete block products for this. The are about 7″ wide so they work well for a seat wall. They set in place easily and should work well for the owners.