East Side Remodeling

We are winding up our work in the basement at our East side remodeling project. The new stair has been installed and works quite well. It was a lot of work to remove portions of the stone foundation, reframe joists, etc to make the stairway wider and with more headroom. But the end result is very nice and will make accessing the basement much easier.

We’ve also replaced the basement window. We had custom units made that slipped into the existing openings. We applied cement plaster to finish the sides. The basement walls will be painted at the end of our work which will make the whole area much brighter. We’ve used a lot of foam to seal up gaps at the connection between the stone foundation and the wood framing.

The new toilet room and mechancial rooms have been framed and drywall has been installed. We used a double door at the mechanical room so the equipment can be accessed easily.