East Side remodeling

We have started work on some remodeling work for a client on the East side of Northfield. Most of our work is focused on energy improvements. But we also are making their basement area more useable. One of the things they wanted to do was add a half-bath in the basement.  I worked out details and had the city building inspector conduct a project review. At that review it was determined that the existing stairway was just too small, too steep, and had too little head clearance to be used to reach “habitable space”—-which the basement would be considered if a half-bathroom was added. So that triggered a total rebuild of the stairway. We’ve hauled out limestone rock and earth to create a larger space for the new stairway. The portion of the foundation wall that was removed had been replaced with new treated wood framing.  We have framed up walls at the new toilet room and around the furnace. The concrete floor has been removed for installation of the new plumbing lines.

The space is taking shape nicely and will create excellent storage and play areas.