On the kitchen remodeling project we are working on we created a fun little functional design feature. Part of our work included creating a new buffet cabinet in the dining area. The buffet has a lovely oak countertop. The owner asked if we could insert some ceramic tiles into the countertop, creating a flush area to set hot or wet things. We figured out a way to rout an area into the countertop and set the tiles. The owner selected some very pretty tiles for this feature.

Another thing we did in this kitchen is use LED undercounter lighting. LED stands for light emitting diode. LED’s last years and years and operate using far less energy and stay cool to the touch. The light assemblies we used in this kitchen draw just 7 watts of power per unit. We used 8 units, so when all undercounter lights are on they will draw a total of 56 watts..less than a single 60 watt incandescent bulb! These lights are mounted below the glass front buffet cabinets, creating a great spot for serving food to guests. The recessed lights in the kitchen are also LED fixtures so the total electrical use for lighting is very low.