We started a couple of small projects for Three Links Care Center yesterday. The first one involves erecting a steel structure for their new Cottages Care Center. We were not the general contractor for this project, but were asked to complete this steel work for the contractor. The work involves erecting steel columns and beams in the center area between the two halves of the building. This will end up being a glass enclosed atrium that should function very well for the residents of the facility.

The second project deals with a moisture problem they have had at their existing facility. Water tables and soil types in Northfield fluctuate greatly. When soils become water logged water tries to find its way into below grade areas. Below grade foundations must be protected against water intrusion into finished work spaces. In this instance at Three Links the waterproof material originally installed on the exterior wall surface had deteriorated to the point that it was no longer keeping water out.

Our work involves excavating down to the footings and installing a foundation drain. We will also install a new waterproofing membrane over the foundation wall, along with an insulation and protection board. About 4 feet below grade we are also installing a small storm sewer pipe. This 8″ pipe will convey water from the gutter downspouts to the common storm sewer system on the property. This is not glamorous work but it is needed maintenance to protect the facility and keep it in good repair.