Over the weekend Ellen and I were in St. Cloud for a wedding. This was the second wedding event in St. Cloud for us in three months. The reception was held at the civic center which is a really nice facility. It sits on the banks of the Mississippi River and has wonderful views of the area. It is connected to a couple of nice hotels so navigating around is excellent regardless of the weather.

Once again we had a fun time in the city. This time we were able to visit the Minnesota Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame. It is located on the second floor of the civic center and has some wonderful displays. As you might imagine, there are special cases highlighting our Minnesota boys that made it to the big leagues….including Paul Molitor, Dave Winfield, Kent Herbek, Terry Steinbach to name a few

It is really fun to see all the history of ‘town baseball’ in Minnesota. There is good information on just about every team that has played in Minnesota. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a 1953 picture of the Cannon Falls baseball team that includes a Arnie Nelson in the lower left corner. Arnie played baseball in the area for several years and then taught school at Northfield High School for nearly 20 years. He is a former Northfield Mayor and city councilor. Arnie helped start Northfield Construction Company in 1972 and went on to build many homes and buildings in the Northfield area.  Ellen and I also found Bill Nelson, who is in the Hall of Fame. Bill coached the Dundas Dukes for a long time and is a baseball institution in this area.

If you are in St. Cloud I would highly recommend stopping by the civic center to see the Minnesota Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame.