From Deadwood we traveled to Rapid City. What a lovely city! It has a nice downtown are that is vibrant and full of shops, restaurants and all sorts of venues. There are many historic buildings in this city too. They vary from Italianette architecture to basic, solid 1920’s brick storefronts, to more contemporary buildings. I especially like the adaptive reuse of their downtown fire hall into a restaurant.

Rapid City is know as the ‘City of Presidents’ . This is because they have life sized bronze statues of each of our Presidents on downtown corners. It is fun to walk around and view this artwork. I’m shown here with Ronald Reagan. The statues were all created with private funds.

Of course, no trip to South Dakota is complete without a stop at Mount Rushmore. We had absolutely perfect weather to see this magnificant carving, as well as the Crazy Horse carving. Both of these boggle the mind as how to accomplish such enormous carving jobs. The interpretive centers at both locations are very good, giving a fine feeling for what a job it is to accomplish this work. The walk down the avenue of state flags leading to Mt. Rushmore is a beautiful walk. The Crazy Horse Memorial has the face completed and much of the extended arm, but many, many more tons of rock still need to be removed.

On the way home we stopped for a picnic lunch at a rest stop at Chamberlain where we crossed the Missouri River. This is a wide, powerful river. The rest stop had an interperative center that told stories of the Lewis and Clark expedition into this area. And of course, we had to stop at the corn palace in Mitchell to see the current version of the corn palace. It is really remarkable artwork to see the pictures that they make with varieties of corn.

Lots to see and do in South Dakota!