Finishes have been started at the Northfield Historical Society Scriver Building remodeling project. The elevator company has been working the past couple of weeks to get the elevator installed. That is always somewhat of a chore and on this job, without on site storage, it is even a bigger chore. But they are progressing well and have the doors installed, travel rails installed and are working on the cab and controls now.

We have also started with the ceramic tile work in the bathroom. There are six new bathrooms in the project, all in a similar layout.

As with many remodeling projects, the owner decided to have us do some additional work while we are on site. The  added work involves renovations on the second floor to create office space. It makes a lot of sense to do this now and we are pleased to assist the Historical Society with this portion of the project. The demolition of the surfaces revealed a large plaster medallion in the room. It had been buried under a false ceiling but when uncovered appears to be in excellent condition. The Historical Society plans to expose the medallion and work it into the new ceiling—-a nice feature for this historic building.