We are working on a window replacement project for a home in Northfield. The home is about 50 years old and needed some window upgrades. We worked with the owner and selected Marvin window and door units. They are a very good choice for such work as they produce an excellent wood window with a metal clad exterior. The owner liked the crisp, clean look that metal gives and the interior wood will be stained and finished to match existing trimwork.

By carefully measuring and ordering the windows we were able to reuse all the interior trim and disturb very little wall area. This process allows us to provide a top quality complete window unit in the existing openings. The new windows have very tight seals and include high performance glazing.

Many window sales people advocate for insert windows that sit right inside the existing jambs. This can be a good application, but it also reduces the amount of glazed area of the window. Replacing the complete window unit with a new window also allows us to fully insulate the gaps around the window, both inside and outside, creating a tight, properly sealed window installation.