Work continues on Marshall and Carla Hansen’s new home on East Sixth Street. In an earlier posting I included a photo of the demolition of their older home on this site.

The home we are constructing for Hansen’s is a timber frame post and beam home, with structural insulated panels for the exterior walls and roof system. This work is mainly new to Northfield Construction Company, but is moving along well. The timberframes were assembled without incident two weeks ago. This week we worked at installing the structural insulated wall panels…or SIP’s. In erecting the home it is obvious to all of us that the new home will be a very tight, energy conserving home.

Marshall and Carla have been wonderful to work with on this rather unique project. They are around and available most every day. Marshall was able to participate in raising the final beam in place for the roof….and then he shinnied up and attached a pine bough to the tallest member, a centuries old tradition called “topping off”.

It is a very satisfying feeling to work so closely with a client to create a new home. All of us at Northfield Construction Company enjoy establishing these strong relationships with the people we build for. I think that is the part that drew me to this business 31 years ago…the people contact is great.