I was visiting with someone earlier this week. We were talking about fires in homes. They asked me if I had ever seen evidence of fires started by animals when we are remodeling homes. I couldn’t say that I had for sure, but I remembered a few years ago when we found an area where a mouse had chewed through an electrical wire. The mouse must have hit two wires, causing a ‘big short’ in the system. I know it was a mouse because the electrical flow through its teeth apparently killed it on the spot. It was still hanging there, teeth clamped to the wire. In the photo you can see a bit of char around the mouse.

This is they type of thing that can cause a house fire. If this wall would have been filled with more combustible materials, instead of the fiberglass insulation, it could have very well started a house fire. We find these oddities from time to time as we go about our work. Best to keep the wildlife in the outdoors.