We are making good progress on our kitchen remodeling project. The windows in this home are in good condition so we relocated one of them to create a corner window unit. I really like how corner windows function in a kitchen. They provide a great amount of light, have views in two directions, and provide a more consistent ‘flow’ for cabinetry. The electricians will have their work inspected later today which will allow us to insulate and begin drywall. As part of their work the electricians did a good job fishing new wiring around to feed the new recessed light fixtures in the ceiling.

The existing deck at this home was in poor condition so we are replacing it. Decks are subject to a lot of weather conditions which tends to promote decay. We constructed the new deck strucutre using pressure treated framing lumber. All the framing is being connected using the proper metal connector plates. We were able to use the existing concete deck footing supports which made the job a bit easier. Once the framing is completed we will finish the deck using Trex solid planking.