Earlier this month I constructed a fun little project. Northfield artist and retired Carleton College art professor Ray Jacobson is creating a bronze sculpture. The sculpture will be placed in a new park area by the river somewhere across from the Post Office. However, the sculpture will be completed in a few weeks—-about a year before the city will get the new park area ready. Malt-O-Meal is a providing a considerable amount of the funding to create the sculpture. The sculpture needs to be moved out of the foundry where it was cast. Malt-O-Meal agreed to have a concrete base installed near their corporate offices and create a temporary ‘home’ for the sculpture. That’s where I got involved.

I met with Ray Jacobson and Malt-O-Meal staff and determined where the temporary location would be at Malt-O-Meal. We lined things out and established heights, etc.

One of my men helped me hand excavate for the concrete base and set the concrete forms….

The concrete base is now in place and curing. Before too long the sculpture will arrive in Northfield and be placed on the base. We can enjoy it in this temporary location as we pass by on highway 19 by Malt-O-Meal.

Ray Jacobson created the bronze sculpture in the water feature on Bridge Square. He was at a Northfield Downtown Development Corporation meeting last month and explained how he makes his sculptures—-a very fascinating process. I’m looking forward to seeing the sculpture in place.