The world of hydraulics continues to assist us every day in the construction industry. A few weeks ago we installed roofing on my home under construction. Lamperts delivered the roofing materials with a truck equipped with a boom. The boom allows the operator to place the shingle materials directly on the roof….no more carrying heavy shingle bundles up ladders!

Yesterday the final delivery of drywall took place at my home. Because of the number of trees on the site it is not possible to drive to the rear of the home with a vehicle. Again, hydraulics saved the day. The drywall delivery truck came equipped with a long reach boom.

The operator was able to carefully direct each load of drywall and place it directly outside windows on the east side of the home. The workers were then able to pull the drywall sheets off the boom carriage and into the home. No carrying heavy drywall sheets down stairs!

All these hydraulic booms save countless hours of labor. They also prevent thousands of back injuries each year to construction workers. Without these labor saving truck mounted booms construction would be slower and less safe. The truck booms keep getting better and better, able to place materials further and reach into tighter areas. We all appreciate them on site.