Creating Space in a Small Bathroom

One downside to having a smaller bathroom is a lack of space. Bulky features like a large bathtub or cabinets can leave you feeling a little confined. An excessive amount of toiletry items on the counter top due to a lack of storage space can make the bathroom feel cramped. Get rid of that claustrophobic small bathroom feeling by using these tips to help transform your space.


Preserve Negative Space

A lack of negative space may make your bathroom appear smaller. Remove all unnecessary decorative pieces, such as large cabinets or pictures hanging from the walls. Choosing a monochromatic color palette will also help preserve your bathroom’s negative space. Remember to keep it simple.


Utilize Niches and Large Mirrors

Niches and large mirrors add depth to your bathroom walls, while creating the illusion of space. They also function as a great decorative pieces. If you’re remodeling a small bathroom, you can borrow space from another room to create niches.


Keep It Open

Keeping your bathroom “open” can be as simple as installing open cabinetry or pulling back a shower curtain. If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you may want to consider installing a pedestal sink or a bathtub with legs. While choosing to incorporate smaller fixtures will eliminate storage space, it will make your bathroom appear more spacious.


Consolidate Your Bathroom Items

In order to minimize clutter in a room with little storage space, you’ll need to consolidate your bathroom items. Don’t allow your bathroom to become overcrowded with unnecessary toiletries. Keep only the essentials in your bathroom and store other unimportant items (sunscreen or extra make-up) elsewhere. If you find yourself with no space to store your essential items in the bathroom, considering purchasing a basket to place underneath the sink or on the toilet. Or, you may want to install some simple shelving.

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