My wife Ellen stopped by and photographed two projects we finished up last fall and winter. It is good to see the projects completed and with lawns green.

The first project, Randolph United Methodist Church (RUMC), is all new construction. The RUMC congregation outgrew their former church in Randolph and decided to construct a new church on land owned by the church east of Randolph.

After requesting proposals from several area contractors, Northfield Construction Company was selected to assist the church with using a design-build process. We worked closely with Gordon Simonson, the RUMC representative, on the project. Everyone involved with the church enjoyed working with Gordon and RUMC members. We had a great time creating a wonderful new home for RUMC, completing it on time and within the established budget.

Randolph United Methodist Church joins First English Lutheran Church of Cannon Falls, First United Church of Christ in Northfield and Cannon Falls, St. John’s Lutheran Church in Northfield as churches Northfield Construction Company worked on to improve or create facilities.

The other job Ellen photographed was a significant remodeling on West Second Street in Northfield. This home started out as a story and a half home.

We modified it to a full two-story home, with a master suite in the third floor. Ellen grew up across the street from this home, so she was particularly interested in the project.

A project of this scope presents real challenges. The site is restricted by adjoining neighbors homes, so equipment access is limited. The work invovled removing the entire roof system on the existing home….and protecting the main floor from weather….all while constructing a new second and third floor.

The end result of a whole house remodeling such as this is a wonderful “new” home. The owners love the spaces we created for them, and everyone at Northfield Construction Company enjoyed working with the owners.

When owners of property know they want to stay in Northfield, like their existing home and location, a whole house remodeling is a good option to consider. Northfield Construction Company completes several large scale remodeling projects like this each year. I want to stress the fact that such projects require special employees and equipment to get the job done safely and properly. We maintain arial boom lifts, telescopic material handlers and a variety of other pieces of equipment that allow us to perform large residential remodeling projects.

But, the most important part of any large remodeling project is the workers on the site. Northfield Construction Company is fortunate to have well trained, knowledgeable workers that understand the unique challenges of residential remodeling. They don’t drop their tools at 4:00 and drive away, leaving a home exposed to weather. They understand what it is like to live through a large remodeling project and take the time to see that things are done right and in the proper sequence.

When the work is finished up, we have a pleased client that loves their “new home”. The many kind letters and invitations to open houses we receive are a testament to the fine work Northfield Construction Company employees do.