Clean Out Your Garage Before Winter

Does your garage feel cluttered? Do you have to park on the street because your garage is full? It may be time to clean out your garage for good, especially with winter on its way. You’ll want space in your garage for your car and other important items. Remember defrosting your car in zero-below weather? That wasn’t fun, was it? Don’t worry. We’ve put together some great tips on how to clean out your garage:

Time – Set aside a weekend or a few days when you can concentrate on cleaning out your garage. If you plan on cleaning in increments, you may lose interest in the project or procrastinate.

Clean – Deep clean your garage. Don’t be afraid to enlist a friend or neighbor’s help. Sweep and wash the floors, remove stains, scrub down the walls, and throw away (donate or sell) any unwanted items. Most people clean their garage once in the springtime. However, it doesn’t hurt to clean at least twice a year.

Reorganize – If you’re guilty of piling up stuff over the summer, use this time to reorganize. After you’ve cleaned out the garage, strategically place items and boxes in a space optimizing fashion. Remove any items you don’t need. Install shelving or storage units as needed.

Storage – Do you use your garage space for storage? If so, remove any winter items you might need before the end of autumn. Place summer items into their proper places. You may want to consider renting a separate storage unit for your excess of items. This will keep your garage clear of clutter. Tip: utilize your garage’s walls as an alternative storage space with heavy duty hooks.

Garage Sale or Donate – Instead of tossing unwanted items directly into the garbage, consider selling them online, holding a garage sale, or donating them to charity.

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