Last weekend I spent some time in Northern Minnesota. Part of my activities involved a stop in Willow River for ‘Willow River Days’. Willow River is in Northern Pine County and is a fun little town. I found a very interesting tracked bulldozer in the parade. It is a tiny piece of equipment. The operator sits on the metal seat a the rear and controls the tracks with levers. I have not seen anything like this before and am still not sure if it is a commercially produced piece of equipment or if some handy mechanic made it.

On another day I came across this log structure in the woods. While it clearly is not a log building from the 1800’s nor does it hold any particular significance, I thought it was a well crafted example of the type of ‘hunting shacks’ that are being built in Northern Minnesota. Such buildings are sturdy and require little regular maintenance. The logs were flat sawed and fit together nicely using modern foam gaskets between them. Regardless of the age or type of log construction, it still takes a lot of effort to build a log structure back in the woods away from electricity!