On the bathroom remodeling project we are working on the bathroom is in a teenagers bedroom. The owners needed wanted to find a way to create more storage space. It is tough to give up bedroom floor space by creating more closets. After looking things over we decided to focus on space in the attic eaves of the home.

With a steep roof pitch, there is attic space on each side of the bedroom. The structural roof system is wood trusses on this home. We cannot cut any of the roof truss members. What we decided to do is cut open the area in between the trusses. This will allow us to create a space 22″ wide by 80″ high. We made the space just over 24″ deep and installed drywall and insulation on the perimeter walls. We then will build cabinets to slide into the openings.some for hanging clothes and some with drawers below. Stay tuned for photos of the completed work.