This morning I joined several small business owners, medical professionals,100_1784 photographers, artists, journalists, and others for Career Day at Northfield High School. This was another great Career Day. We spoke with 5 separate groups of sophomores during the morning time periods. This is an excellent way for students to ask questions and find out about a variety of jobs. Jesse Streitz with Streitz Heating and Cooling, Mike Schulz with Schulz Electric, and Chad Marks with Dokmo Automotive were presenting information on their trades.

100_1785 I spoke to them about my work as a general building contractor. I did my best to reinforce the fact that they must concentrate on doing well in their math, English, and communication classes at the high school. I also explained that they need to obtain additional schooling after high school, either through technical schools, colleges or in the military. Today’s construction employees are put in charge of expensive100_1786 equipment that needs to be cared for during operations. I also explained that safety is taught in technical schools and that is of number one importance for everyone working in the construction trades.

I thank everyone at Northfield High School that was involved in coordinating Career Day for the students.