The staff at Northfield Construction Company wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you are able to enjoy time with your families and friends. We also urge everyone to be very careful in cooking thier Thanksgiving dinner, especially if a oil turkey cooker is involved. The holiday season is a big time for fires….extension cords are all over, unused fireplaces are suddenly fired up, oil cookers are heated up, etc. Watch closely what you are doing and remember there may be small children running around in houses and areas where they are not generally present.

Last weekend when I was at our ‘up north’ cabin remodeling project I again drove by a local restaurant and bar that caught fire about 6 weeks ago. I have not officially heard what caused the fire, but I’m suspicious of some kitchen equipment. A hot fryer or coffee maker that is left on and overheats can quickly light up adjacent surfaces. The burned building is obviously a total loss. The fire marshall is working on a cause of the fire. Only the front entrance door remains standing.