Gardens of Eagan

We are just about finished with the Gardens of Eagan project. This has involved a vegetable packing shed, a shop/storage shed, and setting a relocated house on the property. The packing shed really looks great. It has a covered loading area with a loading dock for the trucks to pull up to. Inside the shed is finished in white metal panels everywhere. There are large drive in coolers that will make it very easy to cool down and store the vegetables.

This building also has toilet rooms, offices and an employee break room. The whole building is heated with in-floor hydronic heating tubes. There is a lot of water used in cleaning the vegetables ,so this helps to keep the floor dry. The mechanical room is full of water lines, pumps and controls for this system.

Adjacent to the packing shed is the shop/storage building. This building is also red wtih white trim which fits nicely into the farming area of Greenvale Township. The building has a workshop area that has a concrete floor and heating. The rest of the building has a gravel floor for storage of the tractors and other equipment.



Our final project on the site involved construction a new foundation for a relocated house. The owners purchased the house and had it brought to the site by a house mover. We excavated the basement area and placed the concrete footings. Then the house was set over the basement area and we constructed the 8″ thick poured concrete foundation walls. Waterproofing and insulation finished the foundation walls. Today the workers are busy installing the new sewer system for the house.

This has been a fun project to work on. It has been great to be part of the team that is making it possible to have top quality locally grown vegetables available in stores.