100_4347 We are doing some water intrusion repairs for a local homeowners association. Water has been entering the building through and around a concrete patio that has basement area underneath. The work involves removing the layer of concrete that is on top of pre-cast concrete planking. There are some problems with the membrane that was originally installed.

We will remove all the material and then install a new100_4348 membrane. We are using what I call a ‘belt and suspenders’ method that incorporates two waterproofing membrane systems. We will install new tapered insulation directly on the precast concrete plank as they are level. The tapered insulation will allow any water to gets under the concrete surface to migrate to the edge of the foundation. On top of the insulation we will install a membrane with bentonite clay attached to one side. When the bentonite gets wet it swells and seals any penetrations. On top of that we are installing a rubber membrane sheet, similar to what is used for roofing. Over the rubber membrane we will install a protection board, then lay a new concrete patio on top of that.

While it is never enjoyable to spend money on things that don’t really show, it is good that the homeowner’s association is taking care of this water problem.