Northfield High School

We completed our loading dock project at the Northfield High School on schedule. I know the staff will really appreciate having all the bins for recycling, food waste, etc. But the folks that really will appreciate it are the truck drivers that deliver materials to the building. I was on site this morning and talked to a trucker that used the dock leveler for the first time—he was grinning as he rolled his dolly down the ramp and into the building. This is a great, safe addition to the building.

We have also worked on a couple other smaller projects at the High School. Right now we are finishing building a short wall above the attachment plate where a new moveable partition wall will be installed in the balcony of the gymnasium. When the building was originally constructed in the mid-1960’s it included provisions for a  moveable wall partition in the balcony. However, the moveable partition was never installed, making the space hard to use while the gym is in use. The school board decided to have the moveable wall partition installed now. But to keep noise down the area above the mounting plate has to be closed off—so that is what we are doing.