Last week we got underway with a new project for Laura Baker Services in Northfield. It involves a total renovation of Baker Cottage on the Laura Baker campus. This is an early 1980’s building, but it needs updating to accommodate the current needs of Laura Baker Services and their clients. The contents were removed from the building and we secured the work area.

Our first task is demolition. This gets to be a very involved process as we are removing all the interior walls, doors, windows, etc. We are managing to salvage and recycle the buiding insulation….keeping all that material out of the landfills. We also are recycling all the steel doors on the job.  Our workers are doing an excellent job sorting and salvaging and recycling whatever we can out of the building.

When the ceilings have been removed it exposes all the mechanical and electrical systems that are in place. Most of this work will be removed and we will install new mechanical and electrical systems as part of our work.