Nov 2 011 The majority of the exterior work has been completed at our Laura Baker Services remodeling project. The new Marvin windows have been installed. The stucco contractor has applied the scratch coat and brown coat of cement plaster on the exterior. We have incorporated some control joints in the cement plaster finish which will accent the work and control any possible cracking. The cement plaster was applied over the existing brick masonry as a finish due to the fact that the numerous window location changes. If we tried to patch the brick masonry it would have looked very piecemeal. We are leaving the brick masonry below the windows.

Work on the interior has moved along very well. The plaster base has been applied toNov 2 013  the gypsum sheathing. The interior walls are receiving a smooth plaster finish which is very, very durable. Instead of using 90 degree corner beads we are using bullnose trims. These have a nice gentle radius and are used at the window openings and other edges.

Nov 2 012 The mechanical contractor has been busy installing water lines in the hallways. The hallway will have a suspended ceiling to provide access to the mechanical work. It is always a challenge to get the mechanical and electrical work installed without conflicts.