We are working at installing the final finishes and miscellaneous final phase work at the Historical Society remodeling project. Even though the space is small, we have packed a lot of features into it—six new toilet rooms, an elevator, and full access to the building. Earlier this week we started work on the exterior ramp to the new entrance door. The ramp is being constructed using a steel framework with precast concrete walk surfaces. This ramp will lead down to the existing sidewalk level. The new entrance door has an automatic door operator on it to facilitate entering the building.

The six new bathrooms have had tile installed on the walls and floor, toilet partitions installed and all the plumbing  fixtures installed. The elevator has been completed and is operational now. This elevator car incorporates tile on the floor which looks great and will provide an excellent wear surface for the Historical Society building users. Having an elevator to move things from floor to floor will greatly ease the work involved in setting up and storing collections.

Interior trim work continues. By the end of the month this project will be just about completed.