If you are a regular visitor to this website you probably remember that we worked on various elevator upgrades at Carleton College last year. We are at it again this year now that school is over…Part II. We will be renovating several elevators on the campus this year.

 DSCF3315 Our first work area is at Olin Hall. This elevator was a passenger elevator when installed. However, for some reason the lifting cylinderDSCF3316 R was bored off-center. Since we have to install safety bulkheads in the elevators we are pulling the old cylinder casing out and drilling a new shaft hole that is properly centered in the elevator shaft. This work is taking place in the center of the building so it was again a challenge to get the drilling rig into place. The old-time drill rigs come in handy when they have to be dismantled and hauled into a building.

DSCF3317 We have also started work in Willis Hall. This elevator was a freight elevator and needs upgrades, ending up aDSCF3318 passenger elevator. We started out work by removing equipment from on old dumbwaiter lift that traveled between the basement and the loading dock. This is no longer needed and is being removed for safety and so we can use the room for new equipment. Because the equipment room is not located adjacent to the elevator we have spent some time running hydraulic and electric lines between the areas.