We completed all the interior demolition at the Laura Baker Services Baker Cottage. The mechanical contractor completed all the underground waste piping, moving the water service, etc. The next task at hand was laying the new concrete floor, which we did last Friday.

Since we are workiing inside a structure it isn’t possible to have access for the concrete truck to all sides of the building. Sometimes we pump the concrete into the building using a truck mounted concrete pump. This building has seven bathrooms, a kitchen, laundry, etc  so there are a lot of pipes sticking up out of the floor. Hauling a heavy concrete pump hose around and between all these pipes is quite a chore. So, the concrete for this floor was brought in with ‘mud buggies’. Mud buggies are like large wheelbarrows that are powered by a gas engine. With a good granular base they can haul quite a bit of concrete and still maneuver around inside the building. The operator stands on a small platform at the rear and steers the buggy. When it is in place where the concrete is needed the operator dumps the concrete load on the base and the helpers screed it level and flat.  In short order the concrete was in place and being finished, ready for us to start building walls.