Sunday was a glorious day in Minnesota. Ellen and I decided to spend most of it at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum west of Minneapolis. We enjoy visiting the Arboretum in the early fall. This visit was perfect in that there were still many annuals and perennials blooming, and of course the fall leaves were turning. The first thing that greets you as you enter the gardens is a huge stick and vine structure. It is massive and you can walk inside it. You can imagine the fun little children have playing in it.

At this time of the year the Arboretum also has a lot of scarecrows scattered around the grounds. Some are made by Arboretum staff, others are designed and made by firms that support the gardens. There are some very, very creative creatures. Again, lots of things for children to enjoy.

Of note this season are giant steel sculptures of roots. They are placed all over the grounds and are varying sizes, shapes and colors. I can see why the artist is taken with roots of trees and plants. There is something powerful in looking at the shapes and sizes of roots. These steel root shapes are remarkable. I cannot imagine the work that was involved in bringing these big sculptures into the Arboretum, and then in a few months, bringing them back out to move to another venue.

One of the things I always enjoy seeing is the interior of the main building at the Arboretum. Most of the interior trim appears to be clear Douglas Fir. That is a beautiful wood and makes excellent beams as well as standing and running trim for doors, windows and baseboards. The main atrium of the building has a vaulted ceiling with heavy timber beam trusses. The way the light plays on the trusses and the geometric patterns is very interesting.

If you are looking for a fun fall activity, put the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum on your list of things to do!