Duluth Visit

Last week Ellen and I were at our cottage near Moose Lake, MN. The town looks great after the huge flood of the Moosehorn River, but the people there are still dealing with damages. Many homes and businesses suffered from the sudden rise in the lake and river. Our hearts go out to all of them.

But, since we were in the Northern part of the state we thought it would be good to visit Duluth. Duluth has been working on a marketing campaign to make sure people understand that the town is ‘open for business’ in spite of the flooding. We had a wonderful day there. It had been years since we traveled out to Park Pointe so that was the first visit of the day. Park Pointe is a small spit of land that sticks out into the lake. The homes on each side of the road back up to Lake Superior. You reach the area by traveling over the aerial lift bridge….an iconic Duluth landmark. We had a short wait as the bridge settled back into place after letting ships pass underneath. Further out on the point you come to a public area of sand dunes. The dunes are really neat and make one think of the dunes along ocean shores. The wave action of Lake Superior creates all sorts of interesting patterns in the sand, as well as on the various trees, roots and limbs that wash ashore. Some, like this tree, appear to have been twisted and ripped right out of the ground, probably in some storm.

If you have not been to Duluth for some time now is a great time to visit the city.