Tips For Remodeling Your Deck

With summer in full swing, and the associated events happening as well, you’ve likely been spending significant time outside. Whether you’re grilling for a get-together or enjoying a relaxing night with friends, your deck is a key site for the summer fun. If your deck is lacking in key areas, or if you simply want the improvement of your dreams, you need to consider these tips before starting.

  1. Do you want a deck or patio? Choosing one over the other will impact cost, use, durability, accessibility, etc.
  2. Who will be using your space? How will it be used? Answering these questions will help you choose options for safety (for the little ones), space for entertaining, accessibility to the kitchen, etc.
  3. Pick your materials carefully. Do you want wood you can paint as your mood changes each summer? Are you looking for a dark stain for a statement? Perhaps wrought iron rails fit best with the feel of your home. Know that a deck can be more than a few boards slapped together, especially if you do your research.
  4. What shape do you want? For some serious character, consider a shape beyond the simple rectangle. Consider levels, space for flower beds, or a custom grilling station.
  5. Think about your location. If you have levels, which side will they extend to? Do you want to see the sun set over the lake? Is your neighbor’s house painted an unsightly green? Think about the finished product and how you want to feel when you’re using it.

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