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How To Prepare & Stay Sane During A Bathroom Remodel

Plan your timeline. Elle Decor sets out one timeline option to prepare for your remodel. Don’t hesitate to find other resources (friends or contractors) who can share their own timelines with you!

Set a budget. Talk with your designer and contractor about your budget, and check in a couple times during the remodel to make sure everybody is on the same page. Communication is key in a project such as this!

Talk about functionality. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring! Chat with your remodel team about how to work some great functionality into your bathroom. Hidden storage space, customized shelving, statement lighting, and customized outlet placement are just a few options you can work in to make the space right for your needs.

Bathroom Remodel

Pick your materials. This is a step that you should bring up during the design and budget conversations with your remodel team. If you’re not familiar with the full range of materials and design options, don’t worry. Just come to your team with some design inspiration. Find photos of bathrooms (or other rooms) you love, and be prepared to describe why you love them. Is it because the room is sunny? The countertops look classic? The cabinetry is kid-friendly? When you come to the table with your own ideas and a budget range, it gives your team better direction, and allows them to find options that will work best for your product.

Minimize the mess. Just because your bathroom is under construction does not mean your entire home or office should feel like it is. According to HGTV, you should use drop cloths and “Weather permitting, we put a fan in the window and create a backdraft the bathroom to draw the dust-filled air and pump it outside.”

Have an alternative bathroom. Whether it’s your home or office bathroom, be sure to have a usable alternative! You’ll still need to shower at home, and your employees will need a bathroom. Our tips: ask your contractor about setting up a temporary fiberglass shower unit in your home; if you have single-stall restrooms, remodel one gender bathroom at a time, and create a unisex bathroom out of the other.

Bathroom RemodelPlan a final clean. After spending all this time under construction, you just want to get back to normal, we get it. But, planning for a final deep clean before you decorate and use the bathroom lets you get it in pristine shape. Cleaning once you’ve moved back in is always more of a pain, and you want the final product to be beautiful anyway.


Decorate! Whether your design team is in charge of your new decor, or you are doing it yourself, have fun with this part of the project. It’s kind of the icing on the cake. If your budget allows, spring for new towels, a shower curtain, mirror, and hardware.

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Bathroom Remodel