Rotary Bike Tour on Saturday

As part of Northfield’s Defeat of Jesse James Days activities the Northfield Rotary Club holds a bike tour. I helped set up for the tour early Saturday morning. One of the first tasks is loading trucks and trailers to deliver the food and water to the aid stations. Rotarian and School Superintendent Chris Richardson was there to assist us…

Senator Tom Neuville and his wife Marilyn, along with Northfield City Councilor Jim Pokorney were loading up to head out to the Nerstrand rest stop….

I worked to set up the start and finish signs, using one of Northfield Construction’s rough terrain forklifts as a sign anchor point….

We had an appearance from two Jesse James Gang Raiders…..

It was a perfect day for a bike tour and we had excellent participation this year…

This Rotary Club bike tour is our largest fundraiser. It involves almost every member of the club doing some chore or task. If you like to bike, show up next September in Northfield during Defeat of Jesse James Days and enjoy a fine bike tour through Southern Minnesota.