When we were in Atlanta last week I was really struck by the geometric lines and designs of the newer buildings downtown. Atlanta has a lot of construction from the 1960’s on. In fact I heard some complaints from some of the local folks that Atlanta destroyed some of their fine historic buildings in the 1950’s and 1960’s, including the movie theater that had the original showing of Gone with the Wind.

100_3591 But the new buildings do have some wonderful architecture. I especially liked the Marriott Marquis with a fantastic atrium. When you look up from the main level it is an absolutely spectacular sight. The undulating lines of the floor levels are beautiful. It has a very organic feel to it. The elevators operate on the ‘spine’ in this photograph.


100_3523 The High Museum of Art has an atrium that creates a multitude of geometric designs. The glass roof on the structural supports allows the light to filter through to people sitting or walking below it. 100_3481

The Westin hotel is another building with a lovely atrium area. The structural supports, while not transparent like the Marriott, create a truly breathtaking appearance with ambient lighting playing against the columns.

100_3600 We did enjoy visiting the historic Fox theater. This is a 1920’s era movie house that was constructed using a Moorish theme common to theaters at that time. It is still in use as a theater hosting a wide range of productions.

I thought the ticket booth just off the front sidewalk100_3603 was striking in its design and function, allowing easy access to all sides.