Commercial Remodel New Year's Resolutions

Commercial Remodel Tips

Become more energy efficient

Whether this means using less heat (check out our blog on the topic) or upgrading your appliances, aiming for an energy efficient office means you lower your bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Who could ask for more? A few energy efficient improvements:

  • Check windows and doors for drafts
  • Insulate
  • Low-flow toilets (see this blog)
  • Hire a consultant

Overhaul the meeting room nobody wants to use

Whether it’s electrical issues or terrible lighting, there is a reason you all seem to avoid that one room. As a gift to your team and your company, give it a meaningful facelift.

Start building a commercial improvement budget

Depending on the size of the project, your home improvement project may cost a few bucks. Start budgeting for your dream home now, so you don’t have to cut any corners in the future.

Build better storage

Stop storing extra office supplies in weird nooks and crannies. Make a small investment in great office storage solutions (think: hidden shelving, improved entryway, converting an unused space) and save yourself more than a few headaches.

Invest in your team

What energizes your team? Fresh air? Space to play? Collaboration? Once you identify energy sources, plan for remodels to make them a reality. Offices closer to windows, a clear space for creativity and fun, collaboration-focused meeting rooms.

Pay attention to the details

Spend a month building up a list of small office improvements. Keep an eye out for problems such as grungy outlet covers and chipped window paint. At the end of the month, divvy up the tasks and devote the next month to getting them all done. These small projects shouldn’t take too long to complete, and they will make a huge difference in your office.

Pick a pet project

Focus your year on one meaningful office improvement project. Devote the year (or just a part of it) to research, planning, and pricing. By taking the extra time, you ensure you will plan for a project that your team will love in the long term, and you will be more prepared for common hiccups and even be able to avoid them. Your researching planning can include Pinterest boards, drawing inspiration from other office spaces, vetting potential contractors, and setting a realistic budget with management.