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Laura Baker Services NCC

Progress at Laura Baker Services

Summer is the season of construction, and we are on a roll. Laura Baker Services is one of our current projects; LBS is an association in Northfield that provides housing, support services, and educat [...]

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How to Remodel Retail/Commercial Space

Your commercial/retail space is the home to your business. It’s how you put a roof over your head and your employees’. Naturally, you want it to be at its best. Improving your workplace can be as [...]

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Brick Oven Bakery Progress

Progress At New Brick Oven Bakery Site

In case you hadn’t heard the saws and jackhammers, there is some serious construction happening in Northfield. The Brick Oven Bakery is moving from its current location on Professional Drive to the [...]

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Light Bulb Inspiration

How to Find Remodel Inspiration

When you’re looking to remodel, it’s tough to put a finger on exactly what you want. Perhaps you liked one element of your friend’s exterior or a paint color at the book store. But how are you s [...]

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Otto_Blog 1

Otto the Construction Dog Shares His Tips on Style

Diary Entry #231: How I keep lookin’ so good. There has been quite the buzz around the office about how famous I’m getting. Don’t get me wrong, I love the attention (what dog wouldn’t). But, I [...]

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Otto Construction Dog

Meet Otto the Construction Dog

You may have seen him around town, perhaps his most recent Facebook photo has popped up in your news feed, or maybe you’ve even spotted him working on site. However you met him, chances are you fell [...]

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Eight Spring Home Improvements

Gear up for summer with this simple list of home improvements. What do you do to prepare your home for the warm weather? Do you have any additional home improvements your like to do during the spring? [...]

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Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

Preparing for a kitchen remodel can seem complicated. Between deciding on materials and securing a budget, you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed during the planning stages. But, no worries! We fo [...]

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Clean Your Home

It’s that time of the year again. With the snow melting and the temperature rising, we’re ready to kick-off spring with a traditional and thorough cleaning of the home. To make things are [...]

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Five Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

Are you looking for ways to save energy around the home? Investing in energy efficient appliances and practices can will reduce your energy cost/consumption. We put together a list of energy improveme [...]

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